Stonyhurst New Starter Sweatshirts

Stonyhurst New Starter Sweatshirts

We kicked off our partnership with Stonyhurst College by providing each of their new starters with an organic sweatshirt featuring the school crest and the year "2021" on the sleeve.

In previous years this had been a difficult affair for the admissions team to manage as they have pupils arriving from all over the world. We used the features on the website we built for them to allow each new starter or their parents to order the size they required direct with us, and then we printed each one on demand and delivered each item individually packed and labelled for each student in time for the beginning of term.

The site is due to be used for sports teams, trips, Xmas merchandise, charity drives and various other items, making it a worthwhile investment for the school. Getting all their merchandise from one place also ensures the quality is upheld, and brand guidelines are adhered to.

You can visit the site at

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