ZN Sport & Events

Our newest venture - Zero Negativity Sport (view the dedicated website here!) Athletic kit made from 100% recycled plastic, and featuring eco-friendly sublimation printing (no inks washed in to the water system here!)
We are delighted to be able to say we are the official supplier of the viral Loch Ness FC kits, as featured on BBC Sport, Match of the Day, TalkSPORT and countless other outlets!
From NFL jerseys to legwarmers, we can create entirely bespoke designs for your club or event through the creative genius behind the Loch Ness kits, or feel free to provide your own designs!
We also offer hosting of club shops to sell your kit, and print on demand services for casual sportswear (hoodies/vests etc).
The sports sector is not a new one for us, we have been providing finisher T's and event merchandise for sustainable marathons, triathlons, and every other -thon since we began. We now just also offer the chance to reuse some of those plastic bottles left at the side of the road!
We can even offer organic cotton or recycled plastic high-vis for your race marshals and safety stewards!
Check out our Product List to see what items might suit your event, and get in touch to find out more: sports@zeronegativity.co.uk