About Us

Zero Negativity Ltd is a family run, sustainable clothing business based in Lancashire, set up by former Police Officer Dan Gaunt in early 2019. We specialise in the supply, decoration, and distribution of eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

ZNC (Zero Negativity Clothing) is the custom clothing arm of the business which also compromises a sports brand (ZN Sport) and several other side projects.

We initally began life as a fashion brand, giving one item away to charity for every one we sold. However we realised without a million pound marketing budget and a steady stream of Love Islanders, we couldn't really make the dent in the clothing industry we'd hoped for.

We don't want to encourage anyone to buy clothing they don't need, so we thought about organisations that already buy lots of clothing for legitimate reasons, and set about trying to educate them on the environmental impact of their choices. The numbers are astounding.

Our hometown of Bolton has historic links to the cotton trade, and was the birthplace of the Spinning Mule machine used to spin cotton in to yarn, we've even named our local Wetherspoons after it! Elephants are the symbol of Bolton - it's a mystery as to why, but one theory is that it's due to the cotton trade links with India.

Zero Negativity's principles are exactly what it says on the tin - to avoid having a negative impact at any stage of our business. In fact, we want to create positive impacts and opportunity wherever we can. This ranges from the way our garments are manufactured and the fact we only use sustainable materials and inks, to giving opportunities to student designers, supporting causes we believe in (mental health, climate change, and youth provisions to name a few), and using only recycled and recyclable packaging.

Our main company logo explains everything about us - the circle representing our commitment to recycling and reusing materials wherever we can, the earth being a symbol of our mission to reduce the negative impact clothing production has on the world, and the elephant holding a leaf representing our hometown of Bolton and the Vegan-friendly nature of our products and processes.

Due to our rapid growth, in early 2021 we moved in to new premises in the neighbouring town of Blackburn.

You can get to know us a little better by reading about the team here.